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My target audience for this article is mainly teens, the reason for this is because as Corey is a teen himself, those who are his age will be able to relate and understand. I have also included in the article some dates and times of events that those with the condition can attend to where they are able to meet others and talk about it together.

The magazine which will include my article in will be called ‘Nursing times’ and the magazine will include a few interviews with other individuals about different conditions, any recent news that is relevant to the magazine type, advice, shared practice and inspiration for nurses working in the care sector and much more.Scanner@sharp.local _20170612_091703


production schedule .

I will be interviewing Corey Brown on the topic of Autism. Corey has a condition called ‘Aspergers syndrome’ which he will be talking with me about in this interview. Without making Corey uncomfortable, I will ask him questions about his condition, how he feels, what its like to have this and what he has to do to overcome some of the problems he may face. The purpose of this article is so that people are aware of what this condition is and how it makes the individual feel, this will also give people an insight of what they have to be aware of as some people with the condition can be misunderstood and taken the wrong way.

  • Suitable Location, times and dates of interviews-

Interview took place in small private room at South Devon College at 9:33am and went on until 9:40am on Monday 5th June 2017.

  • Production schedule
  • Contact list-

Corey Brown-07725904147  Hannah Boyce- 07917730451

Mobile phone was used to record interview.

Interview 7 minutes 05 seconds.


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