Overall, I think my photos went very well. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos with a model on a sunny day at the beach as I was limited to time and struggled to find someone who was free on the days I was. I think that I could improve my grade by being a bit more creative with my photos using photoshop and using different tools. Although, on the 3 pictures with my model I used photoshop to change the colour of her lips so they match the sky to make it more effective. I particularly like how the sun shines through the top of the boat and how It is used as a focus point, the photo also uses rule of thirds as you can see it is split up into 3 sections. On the photographs I have taken with my model, my main focus point in the picture is her lips. My target audience for these particular photos is probably young adults, although any age may find these pictures appealing but the main reason I have chosen young adults is because of the makeup use and the age of the model in the photos. Id say for the first 2 images of the beach and boat, would probably be more appealing to those of the older age as young people or children may find this boring and not very exciting to look at where as adults will be able to identify the detail and rule of thirds.

I researched a photographer named Sasha O because It intrigues me how she makes her models stand out so much by the colour and makeup she uses it is very effective. Her photography work is very unique and all of her images have very powerful messages, for example, this image portrayed the way she was feeling  on that particular day, it shows the model with floods of tears coming out of her eyes and she looks as though she is very down and there is not much colour in it, it is very dull.

The meaning behind my images was just to show the way that the change in the weather can effect the persons mood or day, as you can see in the photographs I have taken, the colour of the models lipstick is the same as the sky showing that because it is a grey/ gloomy day, this will effect her. The first 2 images I took of the beach and the boat show how beautiful the weather can be.

I used photoshop to select the colour of the sky and fill it in with the persons lips

I received feedback from my peers in which they said they like how I have used the rule of thirds in the photos to outline the focus points in my photographs and how effective they are.