Photography applications report- — June 26, 2017

Photography applications report-


Photographs are used in advertising to catch the publics eye, these individuals use high quality photography to show the benefits of a product or reinforce brand awareness. They interpret how products, services, lifestyles and ideas can be presented photographically. Usually, these photographs promote things such as cars, food, beauty products etc and they are used widely in magazines and on websites. A advertising photographer Jonathan Knowles who is based in London and New York, advertises all sorts of brands and products ranging from food, drinks, accessories and perfumes. He mainly specialises in drinks, liquids and still life and has won many awards for his outstanding work. Here is some his photography promoting some large brands. Many people find that using photographs as a way of advertising with only a little text is the best way to come across to people as the photographer makes the food/drink/product look so amazing in every way and grabs your attention more, not only do they advertise products, food and drink, they also advertise lifestyle, ideas and concept. The advantages of this is that many people will see that your work is very good and it will grab peoples attention. The disadvantage of this is that people dislike the way you have advertised and they do not like the photographs and it doesn’t appeal to them, forcing them to not buy the product.


Promotional photography is very similar to advertising photography, this application can be used to promote artists such as their albums, merchandise and upcoming tours etc.


Fashion photography is used to display fashion items and clothing, you usually find that fashion photography is shown in popular magazines such as vogue, Elle and vanity. Fashion photography has been around for a very long time and it has continued to appeal to the public eye and allow those to see that the outfit or accessories is something they would want for themselves. They take responsibility for the energy on the set.  A very popular fashion photographer is Alice Hawkins, who has intriguing work in which is found mostly in Vogue and Vanity fair, she has many ad campaigns for Diesel and Hopman.


Photo journalism-

PhotoJournalism is a form of journalism that tells a story through images used mainly in a black and white effect. This type of photography has been around ever since the war time where many photos were shown documenting the war on the troops, where the battles took place and portraits. They differ from documentary photography, street photography and celebrity photography, some people find that these images are very distressing and some find that they can be offensive. A photojournalist photographer is a man named David Burnett, who has more than 5 decades worth of photography work and his photos are based around war, sport, politics, the famous, the infamous, and the Infamous. Here is some of his work.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.29.58.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.29.52.png

High street studio work-

Street photography is photography taken in cities all over the world, this offers pictures such as family portraits or middle shots of people. Photographers for high street studio work have to promote themselves in order to have a large income, they may also become noticed by being the photographer at someone’s wedding.


Medical photography is very accurate photographs that record injuries and diseases as well as procedures and surgery. These are used to document the work of healthcare professionals to assist in the planning of treatment and education of the public and other healthcare professionals. Some people can be very sensitive to this sort of photography and would prefer to just read about it instead of seeing a photograph.



These photographs are used to tell a story or illustrate a concept, many of these photographs are used in a special image enhancement software to make them more appealing and effective.A very popular illustrator is Maurice Sendak who illustrated for well known children’s programmes and storybooks such as little bear and where the wild things are.


Documentary photography is used in everyday life to show the chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life,  is it often used for reports. In the mid 20th century, this application of photography was used to show photos of the worlds events at that time, Kitra Cahana, a photographer for the national geographic magazine  documented photographs of the ‘still man’ about her father who suffered from a stroke resulting in him not being able to brKitraCahana-02-thumb-310x464-93412eathespeak or move independently.  







Interview with Corey —
cover letter — June 19, 2017
Photos and evaluation. — June 14, 2017

Photos and evaluation.

Overall, I think my photos went very well. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos with a model on a sunny day at the beach as I was limited to time and struggled to find someone who was free on the days I was. I think that I could improve my grade by being a bit more creative with my photos using photoshop and using different tools. Although, on the 3 pictures with my model I used photoshop to change the colour of her lips so they match the sky to make it more effective. I particularly like how the sun shines through the top of the boat and how It is used as a focus point, the photo also uses rule of thirds as you can see it is split up into 3 sections. On the photographs I have taken with my model, my main focus point in the picture is her lips. My target audience for these particular photos is probably young adults, although any age may find these pictures appealing but the main reason I have chosen young adults is because of the makeup use and the age of the model in the photos. Id say for the first 2 images of the beach and boat, would probably be more appealing to those of the older age as young people or children may find this boring and not very exciting to look at where as adults will be able to identify the detail and rule of thirds.

I researched a photographer named Sasha O because It intrigues me how she makes her models stand out so much by the colour and makeup she uses it is very effective. Her photography work is very unique and all of her images have very powerful messages, for example, this image portrayed the way she was feeling  on that particular day, it shows the model with floods of tears coming out of her eyes and she looks as though she is very down and there is not much colour in it, it is very dull.

The meaning behind my images was just to show the way that the change in the weather can effect the persons mood or day, as you can see in the photographs I have taken, the colour of the models lipstick is the same as the sky showing that because it is a grey/ gloomy day, this will effect her. The first 2 images I took of the beach and the boat show how beautiful the weather can be.

I used photoshop to select the colour of the sky and fill it in with the persons lips

I received feedback from my peers in which they said they like how I have used the rule of thirds in the photos to outline the focus points in my photographs and how effective they are.



Creative media booklet finished. — June 12, 2017
Marketing and PR — June 11, 2017
My interview for magazine. — May 22, 2017

My interview for magazine.

Interview research portfolio

My target audience for this article is mainly teens, the reason for this is because as Corey is a teen himself, those who are his age will be able to relate and understand. I have also included in the article some dates and times of events that those with the condition can attend to where they are able to meet others and talk about it together.

The magazine which will include my article in will be called ‘Nursing times’ and the magazine will include a few interviews with other individuals about different conditions, any recent news that is relevant to the magazine type, advice, shared practice and inspiration for nurses working in the care sector and much more.Scanner@sharp.local _20170612_091703


production schedule .

I will be interviewing Corey Brown on the topic of Autism. Corey has a condition called ‘Aspergers syndrome’ which he will be talking with me about in this interview. Without making Corey uncomfortable, I will ask him questions about his condition, how he feels, what its like to have this and what he has to do to overcome some of the problems he may face. The purpose of this article is so that people are aware of what this condition is and how it makes the individual feel, this will also give people an insight of what they have to be aware of as some people with the condition can be misunderstood and taken the wrong way.

  • Suitable Location, times and dates of interviews-

Interview took place in small private room at South Devon College at 9:33am and went on until 9:40am on Monday 5th June 2017.

  • Production schedule
  • Contact list-

Corey Brown-07725904147  Hannah Boyce- 07917730451

Mobile phone was used to record interview.

Interview 7 minutes 05 seconds.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.08.02.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.04.22.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.04.11.png

My photoshoot idea — May 16, 2017

My photoshoot idea

For this lesson I will start by taking some landscape photographs of the nature trail at college with a model standing in front just to get ideas of what my actual photoshoot will look like, the thing to consider today is the weather as it may be very slippy up there and quite difficult to take photographs.

For my idea I am going to be taking landscape/portraiture photographs. My theme will be beauty/colour. I plan to take 2 photographs on a sunny day at the beach where my models shade of lipstick will be similar to the sky or the sun and then another 2 on a rainy grey day where her lipstick shade will be similar to the dark sky/clouds. The risks of doing this will of course be the weather on a rainy day and I will have to be very careful as I will not want any of my equipment to become damaged.

Three composition techniques that I will apply to my project will be the rule of thirds as I am doing a landscape of the beach and this will structure the background my picture in to 3 sections. Another would be the focus point as I would like my model to be a focus point in the pictureScreen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.12.31.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.12.22.png

creative media industry booklet — May 8, 2017
Interview techniques breakdown —