Equiptment list — November 21, 2016
Meeting minutes — October 18, 2016

Meeting minutes



Venue- SDC 2.143

Length of meeting- 8 minutes


In todays meeting we decided which of our ideas we were going to go ahead with a use for the advert. In the end we decided to go for my idea which was to make an advert on the go pro hero 4. I decided to choose 3 different things which were mountain biking, jet skiing and footage from a go pro attached to the drone. We then discussed who was going to do what and discussed all the equipment we would need to make this advert.


Production shot list. — October 12, 2016
Mock budget —
Call sheet for advertisement — October 11, 2016
Storyboard for advertisement —
Production Schedule —
Unit 1- pre-production techniques for the creative media industries. — September 14, 2016

Unit 1- pre-production techniques for the creative media industries.

Pre-production is essential when making any sort of TV production, by making a pre-production plan this will allow the movie/advert to run successfully. Planning is always a necessity,if you are not organised before hand you may struggle as there is a lot to think about and you need to ensure that all of members who are taking part in this process know exactly what is going on. To do this you will need to produce a storyboard, a story board visually shows you the actions you will be taking when making the production step by step, in a story board you can include text,images and descriptions of what you will accomplish, having a story board is very important so that it is infinitely easier for people to understand you’re plan and ideas, it will make the production a lot more simple as well because you can use it as a blue print to keep the development. An example of different storyboards can be found on this website- http://sketchzero.com/sequential/updated.
Secondly you will need to have a script, a script is a hand written version of the movie/advert. It shows who the actors will be,what role they will play,stage directions and dialogue. Having a script is very useful so that everyone who is acting,directing or taking part in the movie/advert will know exactly what they will be saying or doing. Funding and costing is another essential, you will need to consider where you will be filming, actors,crew and equipment. In some cases people have ran out of money due to bad budgeting and not using a budget table plan to help them, using a table plan showing each thing which will need to be brought, the amount of money you are able to spend on each one, the amount of days you will have it for and an estimate of how much they will be will be very beneficial as it will give you a rough idea on how much the total cost will be. Another essential would be health and safety issues where a location recce is needed their job is to receive the information about possible weather problems, access, power supply and the distance.
Sadly, if pre-production was not recorded, this could result in marketers finding themselves being unsuccessful throughout the process of making their production. An example of this is a film called ‘Apocalypse now’ (1979) where a typhoon had taken place in the location where the production was going to be filmed causing a large amount of damage, meaning a lot of work would have to take place before they could even consider going back to do any filming. Due to numerous delays, cast and crew members were either transported back to the States for weeks at a time or held on location in hotels resulting in the marketers finding their budget increasing largely,which would limit them to be able to pay for other pre-production methods. This unfortunately happened because they did not plan ahead a back up location, they did not know this unfortunate event was going to take place, but it is always a good idea to look for somewhere else before hand just incase something like that was to happen. They also lost a lot of money having to pay for hotels, transport etc for cast and crew members, however if they pre-planned this would have saved a lot of time and money.
The money to fund the advert will come from investors who will loan you a certain amount of money that you return, once the advertisement becomes successful the investors will receive their loan back with an extra 20% profit. The amount of money you will need varies from as little as $200 to $1500 for local advertisements but national commercials such as phones etc can be as much as $342,000, this money would be spent on the essential things like camera crew, actors, contributes, make up artists, equipment,a location, editing software etc. You will need to consider people who will be suitable for the job, reliable, no criminal records, confident and good at timekeeping. Production teams will already have camera crew,actors etc but if you were going to look for them yourself you will need to advertise and offer job roles for people to apply for like hair and make up artists, actors etc, you could even go to colleges or universities where there will be a variate of people with different potentials. In order to make sure everyone keeps to the production deadlines you will need to stick to the schedule and make sure you are not changing times around, the people you employ will need to be committed and producing the finest quality of advertisement at all times and hold them responsible if they do not follow the rules or deadlines you have set them. Shown below is the amount of money hair and makeup artists receive whilst on the filming process.
Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.37.03.png
The equipment you will need to source will be cameras to shoot you’re advertisement, it is essential to select video recorders that will capture clear and crisp video for the advert, you can hire cameras/video recorders from £50-£100 per day depending on which camera you choose, the larger amount you spend on the camera the better the quality it will be. Editing software/hardware for when the filming is complete, you can use editing software to create effects, speed up or slow down a clip, trim (shorten the clips) and add music or sound effects to you’re advert, in order to use an editing software\hardware you may have to pay monthly or  buy a year subscription, premiere pro charges around £17 per month including VAT or £180 for the year. Lighting is also very important in order to create an effective advertisement whether you are indoor or outdoor, you may choose to buy lighting equipment but this can be done using a editing software/hardware. If you are planning on filming on a public location, you will need to get permission from the appropriate local authority or council as they are responsible for all public land, also if you are thinking of using special effects such as explosions or replicas, you will need to inform the local police and get full permission from them. If filming an actor inside a restaurant or a store you will need written permission and also the chains name or trademark.  http://vtrep.com/easy-steps-making-a-tv-commercial/
The laws and regulations you must consider are harm and offence, to ensure that adverts will not cause harm,serious or widespread offence to anyone, particular care must be taken place when on set as this may cause offence on the grounds of race religion, gender, age, sexuality etc. Privacy, the marketers should not use anyones name or refer to anyone in an offensive way unless the person has given you permission to do so or imply any personal approvement of the advertised product. Misleading advertisement,deceptive advertising\false advertising. Health and safety, you will have to monitor and review you’re finished production to prevent complaints, the health and safety at work and the management of health and safety set the standards that must be met to ensure the health and safety all employees who may be or have been effected by activity on set. ((((Copyright is also a very important thing to consider, copyright is a concept that grants a set of exclusive rights to the author of an original work, this could mean not looking at or using any other advertisement ideas or copying it, if this was to happen, you’re advertisement may be taken down or you could even get sued, another is not using any copyrighted music, some music you may be allowed to use if the song writer or musician has allowed it or the legal copyright has expired, but in most cases,you will have to go on a certain website and use non-copyrighted music.)))))) Needs punctuation.
The BBFC gives you an idea of why the films have been rated and what issues they contain, age ratings are there so you are aware of what sort of events are in the film and what age group it is suitable for, there is U which is suitable for all, PG where parental guidance is needed, 12 this movie is suitable for ages 12+, 15 suitable for ages 15+ and 18 which is suitable for adults only. The advertising standards agency (ASA) apply the advertising codes, which are written by the committees of advertising practice, the ASA take action if advertisements are misleading, offensive, distressing or harmful. An example of this is when Benetton  (very famous clothing brand) provoked a national outcry by posting pictures of criminals living on death row resulting in numerous complaints from the public meaning the advertisement had to be taken down. http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/digital-age-ratings