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GoPro Advert

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Evaluation of advert

Referring to my pre-production work, my mood board shows pictures of different activities and photographs that had been taken from a go pro to show the different ways a GoPro can be used. Looking back at the mood board, we did not include some of the activities shown in the photographs in our advertisement. My storyboard demonstrates the story of the advert and what will be shown split into 8 sections. The original intention referring to this storyboard was that we had either me, Jemma or George have the GoPro in our hand showing one of us getting out of bed, going downstairs and out the door. It then was going to continue on to jumping in to a pool and then onto the various activities and ending with a sunset. The genre for our advert is live-action. Our original intention for the advert was to do various activities such as football, going on a boat, scuba diving, tomb stoning, skiing, mountain biking, jet skiing and flying a drone with a go pro attached. We were then going to trim the individual bits of footage showing each activity down to create a 30/40 second advert with royalty free music playing over the top. Our main target audience for this advertisement was for teens to young adults who enjoy photography and are interested in the media. The GoPro is mainly used for action shots and capturing very high quality and clear images/videos which may be useful for the younger audience.

The final advert does include some elements of our original intentions for the GoPro advert. We took into consideration what we received back from doing our primary research such as our questionnaire and also feedback from our teachers helped us to improve our advert. Whilst discussing with the group what our final plan will be. We decided we weren’t going to go ahead with the beginning of the advert where the actor or one of us gets out of bed, going downstairs, jumping in to the pool and diving etc. The reason for this is because we figured that it would take us a long time to be able to do all these activities and be able to fit them all into such a short advert. Some of the things we had originally chosen to include could have faced many problems due to weather conditions and lack of time etc. To make the advert more effective we me George and a friend of mine chose to end the advert with each of us laying/sitting down either wearing mountain biking wear, a wetsuit (out on the jet ski) and one of us holding the controller for the drone to make it look like we had just came back from doing those things. The elements that are consistent from our original idea is that we have still included mountain biking,jet skiing and drone footage in our advert.

We had an actor to take part in the mountain biking scene, we asked the actor to wear a helmet with a GoPro attached and show the mountain biking in third person (from his point of view) going down a trail. We had to make sure we chose the day which had the best weather to do this. I was there to watch this and make sure the filming was being done correctly and exactly how I asked. During the filming of the jet skiing, I came across some problems due to weather conditions and at one point when we were about to get the footage the battery died on the GoPro. Luckily we had a couple days where the weather condition was good and I was able to go ahead and film. Me, My friend and George went out together to fly the drone to get some footage of Torquay/Torquay seafront. Again, the weather became an issue and we found it quite hard to get the perfect shots as when the wind was very strong we were unable to fly it. We were very fortunate as we had 2 or 3 days where the sun was shining and the tide was far our so we were able to film from the beach and get some good quality birds eye view shots. The end scenes of each of us laying/sitting down were not a problem to film. Jemma filmed mine and my friends part and Emma and I filmed Georges bit together. In the process of making our advert we had Emma join our group. We were concerned that this was going to effect our work due to the majority of the filming that had already taken place. Luckily we were able to include Emma into the filming process as there was still Georges ending scene which still had to be done so me and Emma were able to do that together.

I feel that our advert is stronger having made changes to our original idea. We were able to have enough time to do those 3 activities and each of us were able to take part in filming parts of the advert.

When receiving feedback from peers and teachers, I was told to make the advert more effective, I could make each clip of each activity the same length, meaning that each clip would be 10 seconds long. Also, at the end of the advert, the teachers discussed with me that to make this more successful, I could swap my friends clip round with Georges so it would look like 3 different settings and that we were going in at different times. Originally,  me and my friends clips were next to each other making it look like we were both going into the room at the same time.

I think the quality of the advert technically is , the reason for this is how we have used different shot types such as arial view, first person and mid shots throughout the advert. Referring to the editing, I used the trim tool to trim our footage down to allow each one to be 10 seconds each. To make the drone and mountain biking footage look like it is cutting to the beat. I found the beat in the song in which I wanted to cut to and placed the cut on to the beat. To colour grade my footage, I selected the clip, I used window, lumetri colour and then adjusted the settings. Finally, to add the text on to the end of the advert where the logo appears, I clicked on the area type tool to create the horizontal text and used the selection tool and then clicked outside the box. I also think that me wearing the wetsuit, my friend wearing mountain biking wear and George showing the drone control at the end of the advert is effective as it looks like we have just returned from doing those things having reference to ‘ Wear yourself out with a GoPro’

Compared to adverts shown on the TV, I believe my finished and final advert does have potential as it is showing raw footage from the GoPro and how it shows the life of numerous people doing what they like captured from the GoPro. Although, many GoPro adverts include many different sports/activities from different settings and also a couple of ads that have been made for GoPro are narrated.

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